A Resilient Living Community

World’s Apart, Minutes Away

Easley, S.C.

When making decisions, it is important to take a ‘Long View’ and consider how our choices will affect us and the generations to come

Longview Carolina is a resilient living community nestled in the heart of Easley, S.C. and a similar community of Riverstead.

Our gated community emphasizes a ‘Long View’ in both its’ design, lifestyle, and location.

Our Values

World’s Apart, Minutes Away

Appreciation for Nature

We are a part of nature, and we benefit from being immersed in it. It is a place for people to appreciate the natural world, to share experiences, and to preserve it for future generations.


Longview Carolina’s community will be strong and thrive because it was built to last, with initiatives focusing on food production and access to the outdoors. Our community will be sustained by what the land provides including advanced building technology for green living.


A stick alone breaks easily, but a bundle of wood cannot be bent. Longview Carolina community exists in cooperation and encourages finding fulfillment by focusing on others. Through community service projects and events, residents can positively affect the lives of others.

Life-Long Learning

Long ago, we passed on knowledge through mentorship. At Longview Carolina, we intend to continue that tradition through educational classes from winemaking lessons and expert gardeners, to outdoor survival and animal tracking guides.


Longview Carolina’s founders understand that security is a concern for families and individuals. The main entrances are gated and the rest of the property is secluded with natural borders.